Friday, April 2, 2010

Who not to look for at Wondercon.

Well, the time has come for WonderCon in S.F., and I am sad to say that I will not make it this year. Kelli and I had been planning on going, she for looking for Star Wars and Stargate fun stuff, I for Star Wars and myriad other interests. Kelli's new job, however, pretty much precludes us from being able to go this year, especially considering what free time we will have will be taken up by easter fun for the kiddies. I mean, really, who has a Con on Easter Weekend?

My friend Bobby, however, is going, and he said he would keep an eye out for stuff for me while he was there. His sense of humor, however, is warped to the point that I rather expect him to bring back a ball gag and a hot pink marital aid. I'm hoping He-Man toys will satisfy his Joke-O-Meter. I will fill you in as the situation develops.

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