Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bonsai! Or, The Thing on my REAL Desktop.

They are moving around cubicles at my office, and a canny eye can uncover some real treasures every time that happens, when people go through their stuff and realize that they are storing a large deal of items that they never use. Typically they leave said treasures on top of the file cabinets lining the halls. Such was the case with this beautiful fake Bonsai tree.After checking that it was indeed up for grabs, I took it back to my desk, and gave it a place of honor (where my pez dispensers used to be). My workspace already feels more tranquil. The upshot here is that, since it is fake, I don't have to worry about killing it. Just a bonus. It came with a power adapter, which was supposed to make hidden little fiber optics light up. I guess it was once a Bonsai Christmas tree or something. The lights don't work anymore, so I just chucked the adaptor and will have to make do with an ordinary, fake, Bonsai. It's what brings my desk together.

Basically, since I made all those posts about what was on my desktop, I thought maybe I'd let you know about he new thing on my real desktop!

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