Sunday, May 16, 2010

Death Angel, the Card Game!

Oh, I mentioned that I found the News Post for Deathwatch while reading about a Space Hulk themed card game, but never posted about that!This looks great! How it works is that each player has a two man element of the Blood angels Terminator team exploring the space hulk (a giant conglomeration of spacecraft that travels randomly through the warp), attempting to survive increasing waves of Tyranid Genestealers!. In addition to the cards for each Space Marine, each player gets three action cards to choose from each round. It is a cooperative game between players, and they are supposed to support each other, as each only has three cards per, and the cards cannot be played in consecutive rounds. An interesting concept.

The most exciting feature for me, however, is the ability to play with only one player! Finally, I can play Warhammer 40k whenever I want, and without having to subborn my daughter through bribery. She's adorable, and she rolls some good dice, but her tactics with her Ork Horde can be best described as 'unimaginative.' Now, if she is napping or some such, I can just whip out Death Angels, and start mopping the floor with some Genestealers.

As you might gather from my above comments, I am really looking forward to this! Expect Death Angels this summer. Shortly after that, expect reviews and battle reports right here!

Fins out more at Fantasy Flight Games...

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