Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Four Horsemen, or, the Final Four

These Four Bloodletters are finished...only 6 more to go! Sadly, because I was backlit, they don't look as good in the photos as they do in person. Whatever, I am not retaking it.
The Herald of Khorne! I was a bit apprehensive about painting his tuba thing, but I am pleased with how he turned out.
A closeup of the detail and scales on the back. Looking pretty good. Yeah, I noticed that spot I missed too. It will be fixed while I am working on the other six models! I used Testor's metallic red for the final coat. I love the way it makes it look like they are wet. Kelli says she thinks they are covered in a mucus membrane, like a frog. I prefer to think they are coated in blood!

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