Friday, May 7, 2010

Gaming report, 2nd battle between Khaine's Killers and Grimlockz GunnerZ

This is the second battle between my Elite Eldar Strike team and the Green Menace. I lost (again), but this time made a better go of it.

...pasted from Death Squads forum...

This is the second battle between my small elite strike force of Eldar and the perfidious foe; my daughter Samantha and her mob of Orks and Gretchin, which she renamed as Grimlockz Gunnerz. She's not terribly creative, and my son watches a lot of Transformers. I did take pictures, and will have them edited into this as soon as my batteries recharge enough to do so! What can I say? My camera Sux!

I used my Halo Interactive strategy game board and the Battle for Endor Lego set bunker as terrain.

Forces were set up on either end of the expanse, with the bunker equidistant to both forces, but not they could do a little running and gunning as they sought to take the objective bunker.

In the first turn, I moved my three Guardians in the care of my Exarch towards the bunker, moving more to the side than forward, hoping to keep the bulk of it between them and the Orks for as long as possible. I move my Scorpion Aspirant and Warlock forward to cause a little mischief. Samantha, knowing she cannot go far enough to shoot at my Exarch/Guardian group, moves for the vulnerable Aspirant/Warlock duo. She fires at extreme range, not accomplishing anything against my guys. Yay cover! As both of my models ran that turn, I do not fire. Too far for the Warlocks flamer pistol anyway.

Second turn, the Exarch/Guardians move into the bunker, the Guardians on the roof, and the Exarch holding the doorway solo. The Guardians fire, taking one Ork OOA. Sammi splits her forces, knowing the bunker is the key to the battle. She sends her Nob and 5 remaining Boyz after my Exarch, and leaves her Grots to deal with my Warlock and Aspirant. Because they are cowards, they cannot charge (thanks for pointing that out Mordheimer!), and just shoot from behind their own cover. They wound my Aspirant. Darn!

Turn Three, Grimlock the Nob charges Lezath the Exarch. This is the sort of gaming moment the geek bards sing of. Grimlock with Shoota and Power Klaw, Lezath with Biting Blade and Mandiblaster (yay, successful rarity rolls!). Her Boyz have done supporting fire and knocked out one of my Guardians OOA (#$&@^$*!). In a bout of inspired dice rolling, I win the close combat, and wound the heretofore invincible Grimlock! Huzzah! Nothing more important transpires at the bunker this turn...
But out front, Soreth the Scorpion Aspirant fires his Shuriken pistol and takes a Grot OOA! Carpe-ing the Diem, my (un-named) Warlock moves forward and lights the Grots up with his flamer pistol. When the dust and dice are settled, 2 more grots are OOA, and two are wounded.

In turn four, The Ork Boyz continue firing on my Guardians, taking another OOA and forcing a rout roll, which, in an equally inspired moment of dice, I fail.

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