Monday, May 31, 2010

Making backstory for my Tau Commander.

Shas'O'Vior'La'Sun'Ka, or Commander Skyfire, as he is known to other races, did not come to command by the same path as most other Warriors of the Fire Caste. Instead of attaining tactical aptitude via terms as a fire warrior, then Crisis suit pilot, Bodyguard, then Crisis team Commander, Sun'Ka instead grew a reputation as a fearsome reconnaissance expert. His meteoric rise included postings as an Assault Commando, then Pathfinder Corps, then the mysterious Stealth Armor. After numerous successful actions against Ork Lootas and Kommandos on an inhabitable asteroid circling one of the Tau Sept worlds, Sun'Ka found himself in command of a Hunting Cadre when all of the Senior Leadership were lost to a Gargant attack.

Leaderless, understrength, and now behind enemy lines, Sun'Ka led his remaining forces the only way he knew how; in a guerrilla action against the hated greenskins. The results, while not the same as a Company of Catachans, was nonetheless able to hold up the Orks, and prevent them from leapfrogging the Asteroids deeper toward the Sept world. As more Tau forces became available, senior leadership relieved Sun'Ka of overall command, but kept him in his assumed position as the head of his Cadre. The new Cadre Commander finished out the battle of the asteroid setting ambushes for Ork heavy weapons teams and guiding less able Tau forces to advantageous firing positions.When the Ork infestation was scoured clean from the system, Sun'Ka was lauded as a minor hero for having engineered the turning point in the Asteroid Crisis, as the event came to be known.

More to come...

(5/31) Edit: Changed the spelling of Shas'O'Vior'La'Sun'Ka's name to the way is is pronounced.

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