Sunday, May 23, 2010

Patrol: Lost...Or, the Things that Dreams are Made of!

So, following up on something that the good kenchan recommended to me a long time ago, I hit up I have looked around there some already, but now I am registered, and, quite honestly, am still a little bewildered by the site. I have however, made some big steps into a world where my cheapskate gamer's heart can be fulfilled.

One big find is Patrol: Lost. This is a public domain game (god bless 'em) without a theme, that encourages you to make up your own setting. Basically, it is one of those miniature games that uses tiles you place down as you play, ensuring a different game every time. Five 'good guys' need to escape the 'bad place' by fighting their way through the 'bad guys.' Good stuff. Another big deal is that people have already submitted tiles. This is important because this is the one thing I could not do myself. However, I have already shamelessly generated myself some cool looking images for good guys and bad guys. My good guys will be Space Marine Terminators, and my bad guys will be Genestealers. The tile set I downloaded was 'Infested Ship.' Anyone detecting a theme here?

Anyhow, I am going to start putting this together over the next few days. This is another project you should all look forward to seeing over the next few days.

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