Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polls are closed.

Ok, another relatively successful painting poll. With a last minute spat of votes via messages and word-of-mouth suggestions, Blue is the winner. I don't know how I managed to list every primary and secondary color except for blue, but there you have it.

What I was thinking of doing is a white and blue scheme with a white base coat, then painting the raised armor sections (Shoulder, Cowl, Backpack, Hooves, Etc.). Something like this...See, the way I figure it, the Tau are inspired by Anime Mecha. And for me, there can be only one Anime Mecha. When we were playing Robotech as little kids, my brother always wanted to be Rick Hunter, the Metro star of the show. I always got to be the secondary character Max. I never minded this, as Max was smarter, a better pilot, and less emotionally imbalanced than Rick. Now, I am painting my own little mechas in honor of Old Max Sterlings VF-1. Kind of a 'circle of life' type thing.

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