Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Revised Thing On My Desktop

My Wife decided that she did not like the Mawloc because it looked to her like an earwig (a problem infestation where we live), so I decided to change it to the Trygon, a slightly different monster made from the same model set.Of course, this one looks like a scorpion, which you all know give me problems (see here...). Be that as it may, the Trygon is a solid monster in Warhammer 40k, it can tunnel like the Mawloc, and seems like it would be good for taking out the artillery and heavy hitters that a lot of players like to hold near the back of their force, ripe for the plucking. Plus, other Tyranid forces can follow along in the trygon's tunnel. I guess these critters are less loners than Mawlocs.

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