Monday, May 31, 2010

Sun'Ka Background Part II

The Ongoing Adventures of Shas'O'Vior'La'Sun'Ka...

After the successful resolution of the Asteroid Crisis, Sun'Ka and his shorthanded Hunter Cadre were redeployed toward the edge of the Third Sphere colony worlds. Ostensibly this was a peaceful garrison posting so that Sun'Ka and his men could recover and replenish forces from the debilitating losses they had suffered against the Orks. In reality, Sun'Ka and his Ork-bitten assault troops were testing troop readiness across the Imperium border, executing objective raids, and making a general nuisance of themselves to their human neighbors. Whether this was a secret mandate hidden in Sun'Ka's orders from the Ethereal Caste, or if he was simply overstepping his authority is unknown. What is known however is that his superiors were not shy in taking credit for his successes, and that with each cross border strike, the legend of this precocious Fire Caste commander grew.

Several months into this campaign of raids, Sun'Ka encountered his first serious military force representing the Imperium of Man. An unknown regiment of the Brimlock Dragoons, tipped by a human traitor on Sun'Ka's garrison world, sprang a trap on the jungle world of Thunoth. From the point of landfall by Sun'Ka's small force, the tau were pummeled by hidden mortars and hounded by Sentinel Walkers and Chimera APCs. Though the Imperial weapons succeeded in disabling the Cadre's sole Hammerhead tank, Sun'Ka and his troops were hardly what the hardened Imperial Guard had expected of Tau. Six man teams of Assault Commandos attacked the APCs and Sentinels, disabling the vehicles with EMP grenades, and gunning down the crews on the run with their pulse carbines. XV25 teams materialized out of the jungle to gun down the mortar crews with Burst Cannon and Fusion Blaster. Sun'Ka and his remaining troops returned to their transports, the jungle a smoking, bloody mess behind them.

To Be Continued...

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