Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tau for One!

I finally assembled my Tau Xv25 Stealth Battlesuits! It was a long time coming, but this afternoon I bit the proverbial bullet and glued these little fictitious baddies together. A big push in the right direction was coming home a few days ago to find that my wife had clipped and trimmed all of the parts that were left in the sprues and had them all tidily stacked in a clear plastic box waiting for my lazy butt.

Did I mention these were a pain in the butt to assemble? Well, they were. In fact, if I never assemble another XV25 for the rest of my life, that'll be just fine. On the other hand, they might need backup...

I don't have the Tau Codex, and I don't actually play as Tau in 40k, but I think that's not too much of a problem. I think I will just have them stand in for Tactical Dreadnaught Armor in Space Hulk. The guy in the middle with the fusion blaster shall stand in for a Termie with heavy flamethrower, while the two with burst cannon to either side can pull duty as standard termies with storm bolters. Since I don't have Genestealers for Space Hulk either, they will be played in future episodes by my Khorne Bloodletters. In any case, much will soon be seen of these Stealth Armor beauties.

So here is where a need a bit of help from you, dear readers. I have not a clue how to paint these. Due to the (relative) success of the Bloodletter poll, I have been convinced to submit these guys to the choice as well. So have a look, and voice your opinion.

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