Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I've been up to.

I have been posting quite a bit less frequently the past few weeks, and that's not like me at all, so I figured I would give a little rundown of why I have been so negligent. It's a multitude of reasons, really:
  1. Samantha and Gavin were both sick, and stayed home from school, on the day our water was turned off, so I stayed home and helped.
  2. I actually have been painting my minis, instead of just talking and posting about it. Pics should be forthcoming in the next few days.
  3. Work has been rather draining, leaving what little free time I have with me in a state so tired I can do little but read or surf the net.
  4. I have been playing a good deal of Deathsquads, against my daughter and solo. It's a great game, though I admit I would like it more if I got to win occasionally!
Other upcoming projects include finishing my Ork mob painting. They are about 60% done at this point, the Grots at maybe 90%. I also need to assemble my one last set of miniatures, the long neglected Tau XV25 Stealth Battlesuits. These awesome little dudes have been chilling in my closet for a while, and they deserve better than that! They should be free to stomp about the tabletop, slaying foes with reckless abandon! Need to decide what to paint them, however...


bobby said...

where are all the chinese hookup sites.

CounterFett said...

I don't know, it's been almost a week since someone posted any porn. Must be losing my knack.