Sunday, June 6, 2010

HeroScape buy from WalMart

Due to my recent obsession with Miniature Rules and Miniatures in general, I decided I wanted to have a closer look at this game system, since it has a nice range of random (the way I like it) and generic minis that come pre-painted in about 28mm scale. Of course, now that I have decided to get it, the darn thing is nowhere to be found. Well, as it turns out, the game can still be purchased at every WalMart in the state except for the one across the street from my office. Figures.These are the Blastotrons. They are your typical sci-fi 'Get The Humans' type killer robot. They have gatling guns for arms. This fulfills my love for robots and things that have gatling guns for arms. I had been thinking that these guys were too small, and indeed they are shorter than my Salamander Terminators, but they are the same height as my Tau Stealth Suits, they are just a little less...chunky. Turns out they are actual 28mm, not 28mm Heroic.
Deathstalkers. These dudes might be the main reason I bought this set instead of the one that had the rockmonsters or the one that had the Ladies with Axes. This is quite easily the best fit I have seen for Cyberwolves. Or maybe thunderwolf Cavalry? These are substantially larger than the Blastotrons.
This stuff also came in the box. It is the stat cards for their actual game (which I may or may not even learn to play), as well as two tiles for the modular terrain system that comes with the main game. More on this in a later post.


kenchan13 said...

i avoided Heroscape because it seemed to collectible and kind of a money pit. Then i found the master set at a thrift store for like $( complete WITH a bunch of star wars guys in the box as well :). It is a really cool game system and i am pretty into it. Just ordered the marvel set for .99 cents on ebay and my 5 year old is way into it. it comes with 2 sets of rules super easy and moderate easy lol. as always you can check out the rules on the Geek. Btw if your ever in mundelein Il. come over. i have Heroquest WITH ALL expansions!!

kenchan13 said...

Sorry, i got it for $9.99 not $(

CounterFett said...

I hit Illinois about once a decade (on average) but will make a point of holding you to that next time I'm there! I had all of the expansions too I think...lost in all in one of the moves we made when I was a kid.

I bought the master set for the D&D version yesterday, so I have the rules. Yay more games to learn. As always, I figured worst case scenario, I could always use more prepainted terrain.

Probably post about that tomorrow.