Thursday, June 3, 2010

How have I never played Kill Teams?

The one thing that always kept me from really getting too much into warhammer was the fact that you needed to have a zillion minis, all assembled and painted and know what to do with them. That's why I always stuck to the periphery 40k games like Spacehulk (or Heroquest for WHFB...I miss that game).

But in Kill Teams, the point level is MUCH reduced, and you can use just a handful of minis that are only related by faction. Want an army of one dreadnaught? Done. Terminators, why not? A solo squad of Sternguard? Now you're thinking!

Another neat thing I was thinking about was running an Inquisitor and retinue as a single elite choice. Yeah, that's cool. Sadly, since you only get one elite choice, this also precludes my other Inquisition Elite choice: Eversor Assassins. Boo! Oh well.

With any luck, I should get in a few games of this with my daughter over the weekend, when I am done crying at the defeat I'll let you know what I think. Of course, since everyone in the world but me has already played, the review might not be too timely.

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