Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lego Minifigs as Miniatures?

This is a topic that has been rattling around peripherally for some time here at All Things Fett. Should LEGO Minifigs be used in miniatures games? I have been in a quandary over this since the Toy Story LEGO Army Men set came out, what with them coming with Bases and all.

LEGOs have a lot going for them when it comes to Skirmish Games:
  1. Prepainted. Let's face it, I am lazy, and probably a lot of the people reading this are as well.
  2. Characterful. Wow, spell check is letting me get away with Characterful. Whatever, each Lego minifig is customizeable, and can be recognizeable as a distinct character. It is easy to tell which Minifig is supposed to represent each of a scenario's players.
  3. Weapons. Unlike miniatures, LEGOs do not require customization or repainting each time you finish a scenario and buy a new weapon loadout. Nor do you have to do mix and match customization if you want this guy to have a helmet and rifle, or this guy to have a flak vest and two pistols. You just attach the necessary parts, and you are good to go.
  4. Compatibility. There are a lot of LEGOs out there, and they all work together. Why Miniature manufacturers cannot standardize on sizes the way much of the toy industry has I don't know, but any LEGO weapon will work with any LEGO fig. Plus, Halobloks figures and weapons, plus Iron Man Mega Bloks, plus...well, you get the idea.
  5. Aftermarket. Yes, if you play a popular game like 40k there are aftermarket parts, whole figures, and even conversions, but Lego takes this to a whole other level. See my recent posts about Brikarms if you have any doubt how easy it is to pick up quality third party accessories for your LEGO guys.
  6. You already have them. Most of us have a huge bucket of LEGOs left over from Junior high or elementary school. When I got on this "No more new minis" kick a week or so ago, I dug out a tub of minifigs I have had forever. Now realize that my wife has taken over the Star Wars Legos and Halobloks, this still left me with more than enough figs, guns, and swords to field a sizeable gang for a game of Judge Dredd with my daughter. So what if they all look like pirates? Maybe they are Space Pirates. No, wait, they are Cursed Earth Desperadoes!
Anyway, what are the rest of you thinking?


Gyro said...

Legos and gaming are natural bedfellows that make beautiful children.


Flamekebab said...

Pet peeve #247:
Pluralising "Lego" to "Legos".
Lego is already plural, like sheep. One doesn't say "sheeps", neither should one say "Legos".

I have spoken!

Gyro said...

I know, that is pretty annoying huh? Really, 'Lego' should be 'LEGO' all caps while you're at it, that's my pet peeve #49.

Besides, English grammar can't be applied to Danish imaginary words, which is what LEGO is, it's an abbreviation of the words "leg godt", meaning "play well".

When you've been playing with Legos as long as I have, you can pretty much call them whatever you want.


CounterFett said...

Thanks Flamekebab! I always love to pick up on the etymology of words, that was new to me. I always thought it was an acronym!

I'm one of those people that knows so much that at least I am aware that I am very ignorant, and should always be learning. At least I got the all caps part right!

Thanks for the link Gyro, you are a genius! Despite my enthusiasm for LEGO and wargaming, one would think I would have hit upon this at an earlier age, but it never occurred to me until my wife and best friend both suggested it in the space of one week!

DatGreeneGuy said...

If you havent seen this befor its a little something i stumbled apon and posted to my guilds wow forums back when I played.



Flamekebab said...

I feel like a douche pointing it out :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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