Monday, June 21, 2010

Meganobz, and a surprise.

Well, I said that I was waiting for these guys so that I could convert them to meganobz for Killteam games, but it turns out they are going to need a lot less converting that I had anticipated. I especially love the guy on the far left with the stogie! I actually bought two sets of these, since I got them on supa-clearance. I was planning on adding on powerklaws to them, but they already have AT-43's equivalent to the power fist, which is close enough, so I'm not going to mess with it. Basically, that just means the only step left is to paint the faces green, and maybe attach a few bitz like Iron Gobs or horns. I might just wait to do that until after we move into the new place.These are RPG Kolossus from the Red Blok faction. I'll be honest and let you know I have no idea what that means. Again, I got these as an impulse because they were so cheap, but I think I might be able to use them as dreadnaughts or killa kanz, or something.


Steel_Templar said...

Hi James, I m Emmanuel Leal
We used to play CA toghether i just passed to your wall and see the link, cant resist :D.
this is a very interesing blog, the first thing i notice is your love for the Mechas.

I always wanted to lersn to play War Hammer, it looks very fun :D.

cya i will be cheking your Daily Blog since today :D, its pretty fun.

CounterFett said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate familiar faces coming by. You don't play Castle Age anymore? I still play infrequently, whenever my wife needs help killing a monster.

Michael Allen Ross said...

The Red Blok Kolossi units are perfectly sized for 7th edition Meganobz! I bought approx 40 of them when they were on sale at Miniature for $15 for 3 of them!. Essentially I could field and army of all meganobz with little to no conversion work. The paintjob is already wayyyy better than I could pull off. The only thing I would do is do basing and throw a powerklaw on.