Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Halo MegaBlok Score at Target

My wife and I were in the Livermore Target this afternoon, and on her customary stroll down the Lego aisle, she came across these beauties.The UNSC weapon pack. This includes the red Spartan, which I already have, but includes another chaingun turret (can't have enough of those), Shotgun, Ma5C Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, and a Rocket Launcher, which I believe is a new piece. I didn't have it in any case.The next set is the Covenant equivalent. The figure is the Brute figure painted in red, which was the clincher as far as my wife was concerned, as that is a new color for our friend the Jiralhanae, and makes him a major (if my fictitious color code ranking is correct). Also, this kit is chock full of goodies. We get a beam rifle, two (new) plasma pistols, a brute shot, as well as the (new) plasma cannon on pintle mount. Did I forget to mention above that all of the small arms are painted? Well they are, and that is a first for this line as well.

All in all, these sets are awesome, and a great deal at $4.99. It is good to see that MegaBloks is not only expanding this line, but inovating with it as well. I was concerned that the release slowdown I had noticed from the Iron Man II themed Bloks was the end of my beloved HaloBloks, but it appears that this is not the case. Fingers crossed that this release is the signal of more good things to come. How about hunters packed this way? One thing at a time, right?

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