Saturday, June 26, 2010


So my wife had the Smurfs cartoons on DVD playing for my kids the other morning, and I watched a bit of it with them before heading to work. I remembered how much I loved that show as a kid, and how the Smurfs for Atari was the very first home video game I ever saw played (by a friend of my oldest brother, named Bryce, I think). Also, I laughed to myself when I thought about how Smurfette sounded like Smur-Fett. Which in turn inspired the above new artwork for my site.Then, today, we were goofing off, mooching other peoples' Air Conditioning, and we happened to stop at Toys R' Us, and I noticed they had a bunch of Smurf toys. Not one to leave a Toy Store without my newest fascination in hand, I grabbed this guy. I usually prefer the individual figures rather than the guys which are a part of a vehicle, but this one was pretty cool, and satisfied the built up toy urge that I have been repressing since we started saving for the down payment on the new house.

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