Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Man's Hammerhead

I picked this up at Target for $9.99 a few days ago. I have always wanted to pick a few of these up (and the Turbo Tank version for that matter), but didn't want to spring the $17 normal price. Plus, they would not work for my 1/32 collection, nor my 3.75" collection. So, overpriced and underscaled, they sat on the pegs, ignored by James.

Along comes Warhammer 40k. I play Tau. I cannot justify spending the kind of money necessary to get their tanks, so my poor Fire Warriors have been footslogging. They need Hammerheads. Say, that looks like about the right scale! It's in the T'au sept colors! It's one-fifth the price of a Hammerhead! The rest, folks, is history.

Oh, and it transforms.


Gyro said...

You could totally pick up some Hammerhead railguns on the cheap as bits and replace that main turret with an "official" one cementing the look.

CounterFett said...

Good idea, I think I might do that. Thanks!