Monday, June 7, 2010

Progress Report: Boyz & Tau & Salamanders, Oh My!

Lest everyone think that I have completely left off on my painting projects to play with Halo toys and prepainted minis, here's a look at a few batches that have hit the "near enough to hit the table" phase of completion. Which means I will soon be getting my tail whipped by my daughter shortly...A passel of Boyz. This isn't all of them, I have two more Boyz in varying phases of not done-ness, as well as an unfinished Nob and Grotherd. In any case, these were the first figures I painted, before even the long completed Daemons. But because they had a vastly more complicated color scheme, it took more sessions of painting to 'get there' as it were. They don't really match, but that's no problem. At the gaming table my figures never get mixed up, as no one will ever clain my painting.
My Tau XV25 Battle Armor. This is the view post-dip. The effects of my dipping are a little...underwhelming. As in, can barely tell I did anything. Still these look OK, and I wouldn't be too embarassed to field them. I need Burst Cannon to hold of all those Orks my daughter fields.
Salamander Terminators. These actually looked better before dipping. I didn't let them dry long enough apparently, as when I was brushing off the excess after dipping, some of the paint smeared. Note on the far right termie that there is no silver on some of his badges. Yeah. Not happy about that. Wish I had a before picture. Still, I can just touch these up a little and they will be fine. I also need to put the Salamander waterslide decals on their shoulders. Forgot about that.

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