Saturday, June 12, 2010

Space Hulk Saturday!

Been a while since I had a genuine gaming report here at All Things Fett, mostly since I have not been playing as much recently, in favor of actually painting my guys. But since Gavin was at gramma's, and Sammi wanted super special stay-up-late-with-Daddy time, I broke out the modular board, and some quasi-appropriate figures and got to work.Sammi was playing the role of the Daemons/Genestealers. That is correct, I have no Genestealers, and we are using Bloodletters as stand ins. Also, behold, the return of the War Hat!I had my squad of Salamander Assault Terminators. Freshly painted and set to smite the Otherworldly foe!The actual first dice roll of the evening. Daemon Red vs. Salamander Green. This is why Sammi usually wins. One less set of Lightning Claws...Stemming the tide. Sergeant with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield along with the game MVP, Lightning claw #2, make a valiant stand against the Pawns of the Blood God.Last Marine Standing. I positioned him so that he could take the Daemons as they came around the corner, and it worked, to some extent. He nailed two of them before the three dice overcame the +2 for the Lightning Claws.Sammi does her victory dance. She always wins. I still say the War Hat is the deciding factor.

Lessons learned from tonights game.
  1. Sammi can pick up the nuances of strategy pretty quickly, so I only get to fool her once. Keep a few tricks hidden.
  2. The dice can be capricious, and she gets to roll more of them than me. Think REALLY hard before using a Storm Shield's ability for making her reroll a tie.
  3. Never board a derelict, Daemon infested Starship without a few Stormbolters. I mean really, what were these Salamanders thinking?
Well, that's it ladies and gentlemen. Sammi wins another round. Maybe I will try again in a few days with my MegaNobz. They have More Dakka!


asda said...
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Papa JJ said...

Really cool account of the game and I like the way you adapted Space Hulk for the minis available to you. That's too bad about your Salamanders falling to the Bloodletters, though. You might need to apply some promethium to that War Hat if you're going to have any chance against them in the future. What type of pieces are those that you used for the gameboard? Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

CounterFett said...

The game board is the modular bit from the Halo Interactive Strategy game. I love that set so much that I use it for pretty much all of my wargaming. It can be set up an infinite number of ways, and I am not even that good with it yet, it can make platforms with bridges, mazes, etc. Once I get a little more used to it, I think I can make an even better approximation of the Space Hulk game (or lots of other games, honestly).

You're right though, using some prometheum would shed a little light on the situation. I thought the enhanced Melee attacks of the assault squad would help, but it only delayed the inevitable. I need bolters and flamethrowers.

Drmwalkr's Space Hulk Blog said...

Very cool & entertaining battle report!