Sunday, June 13, 2010

Space Hulk Sunday!

Gavin came back from grandma's late last night, because he decided he would not go to sleep without Daddy tucking him in and loving him. So this morning, instead of playing more Space Hulk with Sammi, I played Space Hulk with Sammi and Gavin.Gavin and the War HatNear the middle of the battle. Gavin played as my Salamander Terminators, Sammi took up her usual mantle as the Daemons, and I used the Halo pieces from the Interactive strategy game (which is the origin of the modular board we are using). They were 'counts as' regular terminators. Sammi, ever the tactician, ignored Gavin and charged straight at me. Gavin hit her flank, but instead of capitolizing on it, went mainly for me. I had to pick my shots, thinning the Daemons and Salamanders as best I could with my stormbolters. The first wave of Daemons repulsed, a Salamander with TH/SS slams into my men. Gavin rolls better dice even than Sammi, so he was extra tough with the geared up Assault Terminators.After a hard fought game, the final three combattants, one from each side. Ultimately, Sammi's three dice per fight prevailed.Space Hulk is Fun

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