Sunday, June 27, 2010

Uncovered Loot!

After looking at the BrickArms Site, I decided to look through what few LEGO minifigs I had left in my own collection that my wife had not commandeered, and I happened to come across these guys. The neat thing about these (other than the fact that they are orc/troll/whatevers) is that they show how far MegaBloks has come in the past 5 years or so, from these crappy little guys to the neat, tidy, well painted Halo figs they have been putting out recently.

On the Halo Bloks front, I noticed ODST Drop Pod weapon packs at TRU yesterday. There were 3 different sets, including Close Combat Specialist, Sniper, and Heavy Weapons. Pretty cool looking, they had more silver than the OD Marine sculpts, and were new sculpts, not repaints. Very awesome.

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Dan said...

I have an Ice Fang ship somewhere up the old closet. I like the fur that some of the mini figs have.