Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blood Ravens: The Dawn of War Omnibus

Well, I finished the Blood Ravens Omnibus, and it took me less time than either the Gray Knights or Blood Angels Omnis. To be fair to the other two compilations, a lot of this was because my interest in 40k was restored anew where it had been flagging over the past few months when I read the other two. On the other hand, I also just liked this one better. CS Goto is one of those authors that everyone seems to hate, and though I can see why from his writing style, he managed to pull this one off.

Now to start off with, I have not played either of the Dawn of War games. I have no idea if this was true to those. It was a good, action packed book. There were some plot gaps, and while they jumped to the front for me, I cannot help but think that these books were written for a more gamer-centric audience. On the other hand, the three different stories were pretty formulaic, with only the scenery and antagonists changing. Each story can be summed up as follows...

  1. Captain Angelos sees a problem that no one else in a chapter full of psykers can see.
  2. There is a warning for Gabriel from Macha the Biel-Tan Farseer.
  3. Everyone thinks Gabriel is a heretic for talking to Macha.
  4. Gabriel breaks protocol to meet the threat.
  5. Gabriel solves the problem and everyone realizes he is right.
  6. Gabriel and Macha double cross each other.
There, for those of you who don't like CS Goto, I have just saved you the trouble of buying the Omnibus. For those of you who are not too highbrow to enjoy a mindless action romp every once in a while, I suggest giving this one a try. With the cost of books nowadays, something this large is a great value, and I enjoyed it more than the Blood Angels Omni (which also only had two titles, darnit!).

My single biggest problem is that while it shows Tau on the cover, they are not in any of the books. The only race on the cover to not be included, in fact. Might just have to read Courage and Honor to make up for it.

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