Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brother Gregor

Or should it be Mac-Gregor?

I was the fifth player to join up last night for Final Sanction, so I got to have my choice between the extra characters from the download from the FFG site. So it came down to Battle Brother Gregor or the Ultramarines Apothecary. I chose Gregor, simply because I try to avoid playing as Ultramarines for some reason. The sly smiles from my group should have been an indicator of things to come...

So, Storm Wardens. Frontier living, taciturn, honor bound, claymore wielding Astartes who have trouble making friends? Holy Crap...They're Scottish Space Marines! The consensus from the group was that this was my best roleplaying performance ever. How I did it was I just tried to respond to every situation in character as my Dad.

I do not have a figure to represent Battle-Brother Gregor as of yet, but I am going to make one for the last half of Final Sanction and then the follow on adventure Oblivion's Edge, as I intend to stay on as the gruff Storm Warden. Using Thunder's Call near the end of the session against a Rebel General was the highlight of the evening. I am really digging the demeanor system and what it can do for a game.


Gyro said...

I'm trying to paint up a Brother Elyas for next week when we dip our toes into the Deathwatch water!

You do know you have the chance to win a 2000+ point Storm Wardens army, professionally painted right?

CounterFett said...

Indeed, I have been following your Elyas build. Looks pretty darn good! The game is a lot of fun, you'll like it. Just try not to be as much of a glory hog as the guy who played Elyas in our group. Power Fist + Jump Pack + Powergamer = a fun time for all.

Anonymous said...
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