Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dust Tactics

Found this on the FFG site...
Has anyone heard of this game? How about the "Dust" Universe it is set in?

A Nazi MCW (Medium Combat Walker)
Allied MCW Plus Infantry Support

The premise to this one is pretty familiar to most alternate history fans, looks like World War II goes a few extra rounds, the Nazis find something (aliens, relics, zombies, whatever) and then everyone starts using 1940s era technology to build walking tanks. Nothing new here, and yet because of FFG's recent string of blowout successes, I am inclined to have a look at this one. Now, I need more gaming systems like I need extra holes in my head, but this looks just wacky and different enough to appeal to me. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Another plus is, depending on scale, those Allied Infantry would make terrific Imperial Guardsmen! Stay tuned.


Papa JJ said...

Wow, those walkers look really cool. Thanks for pointing this out, I hadn't heard of this game before but I'm certainly interested in learning more about it.

Anonymous said...
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sonsoftaurus said...


Familiar, but fun ground.