Saturday, July 17, 2010

Have I Finally Picked an Inquisitor?

After what seems like aeons of searching, and waffling, and vacillating, I happened upon the Avatars Of War Online Shop. Now, I had visited before, and marveled at their excellent sculpts, but since the bulk of their stuff would need some fairly extensive conversion to work in 40k, I always sort of glossed through the pretty minis without really taking a shine to anything in particular. I was exclusively playing Tau back then, which I am certain influenced my ignorance.

Fast forward a year or so, and a few faction additions and subtractions, and I linked there from another blog. I have been trying to find a good, characterful miniature to represent my Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor for a good long while, and I think this is a real contender. Sure, she has some bat junk that will need to be replaced with Inquisitorial Iconography, but she has a lot of personality. Plus, a lot of her Gothic styling plays in my favor. She comes with two swappable heads, of which I am unsure which I prefer, but whatever. I definitely like the sword the best of the arm options though, especially since the pose looks accusatory, something desirable in a representation of an Inquisitor.

As always, all input is appreciated.


#2501 said...

I can see the potential, but I hope one of the heads doesn't have those ugly fangs.

Did you take a look at some of the Rackham and Dark Age metals, too? some nice stuff in there as well.

CounterFett said...

I've never really warmed up to Rackham's metal for some reason. I'll have o check out Dark Age.

I think both heads do unfortunately have the silly fangs, but I can either come up with something conversion wise or do a little creative painting...I hope.

Gyro said...

Another great place to look for 40k characters is in the Warmachine Warcasters departments. We've used warcasters from almost all the factions here and there to fill out 40k roles in RPGs and what-not, from veteran guardsman to rogue traders to inquisitors.

Anonymous said...
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CounterFett said...

@ Gyro,
That's about what I did, I think that might have been the first place I looked. I have done quite a bit in Classic BattleTech with WarJacks. I wanted a female Inquisitor, for some reason, and this is so outside the ordinary. This is the one instance where I am willing to pay a premium for a unique persona.