Saturday, July 3, 2010

I call this one...Rookie

This is the "Close Combat Specialist." He looks like the Rookie to me. He comes with a Shotgun, perhaps my favorite weapon in-game (especially in ODST where you are seriously lacking in close quarters oomph, since you are not John-117). Here we see him in his pod.
In full-on "Storm Comes to New Mombasa" mode. He comes with the aforementioned Shotgun, as well as a pack, and two unsuppressed M6 pistols. As much as I love dual wielding M6s, the version from the game was the suppressed, not stock version, and there was no dual wielding. Ah, well, I guess I am quibbling the details again. An awesome figure. MegaBloks has really hit the pinnacle of their game with these releases.

If you are into Halo, I stronly encourage buying these before they go away!

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Gyro said...

These are great, I had no idea they were out! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try to pick a couple up this weekend...