Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jacks taking shape.

I have, at long last, begun assembly of my random collection of Warjacks. I cannot remember what I originally bought them for. I think it had something to do with using their parts for custom BattleMechs, but in any case, I am now going to use them for their intended purpose in Warmachine. I spent an invigorating hour and a half last night opening, assembling, cementing, and in general swearing at a few of these bad boys. This is why I do it late at night. I can get up the next morning with a diminished recollection of how awful it was.These two currently do not fit in their stands. Not a problem, I will just cement them in, but I want to do that after basecoat. From left is Cygnar Lancer, and Mercenary Renegade. Both are Lights.
Two more Cygnar lights. From Left: Sentinal and Hunter
Grenadier and Charger, again Cygnarean lights.
My one and only Heavy, Khador Juggernaught.

I was planning on doing a dark metallic blue scheme with silver highlights for these, but then figured I should paint the Juggernaught and Renegade in a different scheme so that they can oppose my Cygnar Swarm. Plus, I will have a mess of Everblight stuff in the next little bit. Guess I will figure it out then.

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