Saturday, July 3, 2010

ODST Heavy Weapon Specialist.

I am calling this one Dutch, because of Dutch being the heavy weapon specialist in Halo 3: ODST, and also because of the Red Armor. Mickey might also be a match, since he had the red armor too, and the missile launcher, but he was the team's demolition specialist, a fine distinction. Basically, I just think Adam Baldwin is cooler than Alan Tudyk.
Dutch emerges from his SOIEV pod.....
The pods are really quite clever, and look really nice. They also store the figure and all of his accessories when not in use. They are, however, a royal pain in the butt to get your guys out of when you want to play with them though, basically requiring disassembly.
Dutch ready to cook some covenant. In the game, Dutch has a spartan laser, which has not been released by MegaBloks as of yet. Dutch also comes with an SMG, but I do not have him holding this in the photo, as I have still not found a way to make these figs hold it normally.

It is nice that MegaBloks is finally including a stand with these guys, as they will not stand up on their own.

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