Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Robots, and Warbeasts, and Marines, Oh My!

I finally got my copy of the playtest Hordes mkII rules. Normally, I would not bother, but since the mkII rules are not out yet, and I have my Legion of Everblight Warpack coming in the mail in the next day or so, I figured since I am going to learn the game, I may as well learn the current version. So, it is all printed out and sleeved and ready to go. I will probably play a couple quick games with the Quick Start rules to get a feel, then read through the full version rules from there. I have been on the fence about getting into this game ever since Warmachine first came out, so I am pretty excited about getting some games in.On the other end of the technological scale, Gotthammer over at Collegia Titanica has posted conversion rules for using Legio Cybernetica units in Warhammer 40k. As you all know, I am currently conducting an experiment on my gaming group to see how many homebrew rules and variations I can squeeze in until they snap. Will this push them over? I don't think so, given how slick and balanced Gotthammer's conversion is. If anything, they might be a little jealous that I found it first. I love stompy robots (it's the whole reason I play Tau after all), so this is right up my alley.
Another thing that has been kicking around waiting for me to play is the Movie Marine rules. Yes, these were a joke. No you should not really play them. Yes, I do have them and play them every so often. If you have a friend with a lot of Tyranid swarms (hormies are perfect), you can use these rules to reenact all of your favorite battles from StarCraft. My favorite thing is to use small points costs to play that timed defense mission early in StarCraft 1. Zerg (Nids) get the 'Without Number' Special Rule, and have a set number of turns to go against a dug in Movie Marine force. I have heard people use Planetstrike to portray this as well, but I don't have that.

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