Monday, July 19, 2010

Wolves...From...Spaaaaace! A Theme Army List!

You all know my love for wacky and weird theme army lists and 'counts as' models right? For some reason, that, plus my love of wolves, made me decide to put together what is likely the least effective Space Wolves list of all time!Counts as Canis WolfbornCounts as, er...wolves.

Theme Army list is as follows. I call it, Wolf Spam.


Canis Wolfborn/Warg Chieftain 185


15 Fenrisian Wolves/Wargs 120

15 Fenrisian Wolves/Wargs 120

9 Fenrisian Wolves/Wargs 72

Total 497

The reason this is totally impractical is, of course, Wolves are not scoring units, even if used as troops. Plus, this army has no shooting. What it does have, is lots of wolves. Seriously, 39 wolves plus Canis Wolfborn at under 500 points. Chomp!

1 comment:

ben said...

you should try to make the wargs have more fur, try with green stuff, that helps :)