Monday, July 12, 2010

Yesterday's Garage Sale Haul!

Well, my friend Jordan is officially on short timers as far as living here in the states! She had her moving sale yesterday, and Kelli and I went over to help her set up. She is soon to be moving to cool is that!

Of course, since we were there, we figured we would help her out and *ahem* buy some of her less desirable video game related merchandise.First off, I got the Tabula Rasa Coin and Dogtags. I have no idea what this game was, but you have to give it props for having such cool, uh, props. The coin is one of those super heavy medallions, figure I can flip it when I am bored at workl (like the 90 other toys at work don't suffice). The dog tags are, well, just that. They jingle too much, something I forgot about dogtags without silencers.Next up is this super awesome Yoda watch and collectable tin. I fully intend to start wearing this to work.The last item is this miniature Witch King of Angmar sword that came out for Lord of the Rings: Conquest. Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have one of these. It's that awesome. I plan on giving this to Man-At-Arms so that the Arbiter quits bullying him.

Well, that sums up Sunday's haul. Good luck Jordan, hope it works out down under!

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