Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back In Business, and Some Halo!

I had to walk to Walmart the other night to get Milk, Tea, OJ, and Apple Juice. Yes, I walked home carrying all 4 gallons. It sucked. But, while at Walmart, I noticed that they were stocking the shelves with Halobloks! Finally someone in Benton got the drift that they were losing in one very important arena to Target and Toys R' Us. The only set they had in stock was, quite fortunately, the only one I was really looking for. My wife has wanted the Mongoose from the very first moment she saw the built on in Target a few weeks ago, unfortunately no one has had it in stock.

As for the set itself, the Mongoose is a very easy and satisfying set, it comes with a Spartan, an Elite, a sniper rifle, power sword and a plasma turret. A goodly number of accessories in all.

Also, as a side note, I am back on the bloggosphere here at home. We wired my wife's broken laptop into my monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The amazing thing is that it is all working pretty well this way. I might be able to get away without dropping another whole bunch of money for ANOTHER new computer. Yay!

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