Saturday, August 7, 2010

Battle Troll: Man to Man Combat in the Icelandic Sagas

I found this neat miniature game for free online. It has an interesting mechanic called 'accidents' during the combat phase which is highly reminiscent of both the viking sagas and how combats occur in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles. This is likely on purpose on behalf of the authors. It does a good job of portraying 'heroic' combat, and is nice for small scale raiding games. I am thinking of using Wargames Factory's Vikings or Saxons for my Karls (less heroic, part time fighters) and HUskarls (better, more professional fighters), but using bits of those and Games Workshop's Chaos Marauders or Warriors to make my Heroes (the heroic protagonists of the game).

There is also a neat system for assigning perks and flaws to your characters that I like. The thing I wonder about is do people assign these each game, or assign them once per mini, then re-use those same benefits and flaws. If a character dies, do you use him again?

A general idea of the community consensus would be helpful here.

If you are interested in Battle Troll, you can find it at the Wargames Factory Site...

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