Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Plans for the Weekend!

Well, here at All Things Fett, we got ideas, big ones!

Things I intend to do over the weekend include, but are not limited to:
  1. Assembling and begin painting my Legion Of Everblight Warpack so that I can start stomping in WarmaHordes one of these days. I was thinking of painting them as Zerg rather than in the very 'hive fleet' scheme that everyone on the internet seems to paint them. I guess the snowy colors fit their fluff alright, but I want mine to look like a Brood from Starcraft. I have not decided, but was thinking of Jormungand brood. Begun
  2. Finish painting all those half painted WarJacks I have laying around.
  3. Find my thumb drive. Seriously, I can't live without my portable data for more than a few hours. Done
  4. Play a game of Bad Endings, I mean seriously, who among us cannot love a game where fully 1/3 of the content involves the gruesome manner in which your foes are dismembered! I know I can. Done

So, let me know, what's going on!

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