Monday, August 30, 2010

Carnivean, Carnifex, Ultralisk, Oh My!

My Carnivean is coming along quite nicely. I was unprepared for how much assembly this behemoth was going to take. Now, don't get me wrong, I like metal miniatures, but there comes a point where a mini either needs to be made of plastic, or of single piece construction. This bad boy is neither. This necessitates a two prong assembly; a pincer maneuver if you will. I am assembling this in two halves, in the hope they mate up without too many problems at some point in the near future.
Here's the upper half. I really wish they had at least cast the torso as one piece. I admittedly know very little about the sculpting of white metal models, but I know this bad boy would be a lot more pleasurable to construct if the cementing was limited to his appendages, and not his cumbersome torso. Nevertheless, I am confident I can pull this one off, especially in the wake of my very successful Kerrigan conversion.


Loquacious said...

I stink at assembly but my understanding is that green stuff makes that guy rock.

CounterFett said...

Yeah. After last night, seeing how many awful gaps he has (tail, shoulder, under his feet) I do see a lot of filling in my future. I look at it as an opportunity to work on developing my modeling talents!

Papa JJ said...

I've encountered similar troubles working on some Circle and Skorne models. I'm not much with the green stuff but it wasn't too bad filling up the gaps. There was one significant gap on the Gorax where two sections of rope were supposed to meet. I was able to fill the space with a line of GS and did a halfway decent getting it to look like another loop of rope. I really like the PP metal models, just takes some extra effort I suppose. Best of luck getting the two halves of your guy together!

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the advice Papa JJ,

Circle was actually my second choice, and might have even been a better choice for me due to the werefolf jokes I get (you sort of have to know me to understand), but I ended up going with Legion because of how many different elements I liked. Dark Elves, Ogres, Dragon/Zerg/Nids, scantily clad females. You know, the works.