Sunday, August 1, 2010

Excellent Miniature Armored Aliens.

I was Link Surfing and came across 'Old Crow' Miniatures. It seems like a great source of 25mm scale military vehicles, but as a completist, I decided to check out the other site attached, which is called Ainsty, and stumbled across something remarkable!
A neat little line of Armored predator looking aliens. Now, these are fairly generic, and would need a customiser's touch, but just think what could be done with these! I have had an unhealthy fascination for Predators ever since I saw the first movie at the ripe old age of 7. There are a number of selections available. There is also the option (at extra cost) of having them in a clear plastic. While this would save me the trouble of painting them, they do not have much visual appeal.There are even female predators! I don't think there are any female preds. in the movies, but I could be wrong, have not seen the last one yet. In any case, if you have been looking for them, they are here...

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