Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Wargames Extravaganza!

So, this morning, in a bout of panic brought on by the imminent potential strike, I wandered into one of my favorite sites, and downloaded a few new miniature wargames to try out. This site is great, if you have random miniatures but never liked a game that corresponded to them, just browse through the right time period, look at a few, and pick! What could be better? Oh, I know, they're free!

Too good to be true you say? Well, it's true. The only downside is that you have to sift through a lot of systems you won't like to find the ones you will, but since everyone is different, you don't know what is going to strike your fancy until you try. You already know about the Starcraft Tactical Miniatures game I found earlier, but today I picked up a Samurai mini game (based on LotR, of all things!), a Vietnam skirmish game, Micro Armor Devastation (I had played this one before, but was glad I was able to find it again), and a boarding game called Starship Marines.

After browsing through some this afternoon, I will likely only use the Samurai and Micro Armor Games much, but the others might be good for one-off type games, especially since they use figure types I already have. But such is life. If you find just one game that you enjoy as much as I have the Starcraft Tactical game, it will be worth your time.