Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Good Start to Bad Endings

Well, halfway through my weekend To Do list at this point, and it is only Saturday morning. Sadly, I did not take pics during the game, but I did take pictures of how my guys were set up, so that's something at least.This was my Black Knight. He is made up of pieces that I originally bought for Lego Deathwatch. He carries a shield and sword (No one even bothered to ask why it was blue. It's my librarian's force sword silly!). This guy was solid. He was killed in the second turn, but not in a 'Bad Ending.'This is Viking #1. He is made of parts I got to make dwarfs. He has a two handed axe. He was also the game MVP, smiting the last enemy in turn 3.This is Viking #2, or as his first nickname went, "Patchy the Cat", or as his second nickname went, "Pincushion." In turn 1, he caught an arrow. The wound roll indicated 'spectacular death' so I rolled on the bad ending table, and got the result of pinned to the wall behind him. Poor Fella, hope his other 8 lives are more productive and less humiliating.

It was a fun game, and so ridiculously simple in made the Starcraft Tactical Miniature Game look like a highly complex strategy game. The spectacular death mechanic is fun and funny (slightly less so when it happens to you than it is when you get it on your opponent).

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