Sunday, August 15, 2010

Halobloks Single Fig Packs!

I already told you about Walmart's very smart move to start carrying Halobloks? Well, now it is Halobloks turn to do something smart. They are packaging Halo figures as individuals in opaque packaging for $2.50! This is the cheapest way to get the figs, as far as I know, but not only that, they are not the generic ones you get in say the turret pack or hoverbike pack, they are a 'hero' assortment.We got five yesterday, and in one swoop managed to get all of the guys my wife wanted. From left: UNSC Pilot (ODST Repaint), Yellow flamethrower, and Active Camoflage Spartan. The Active Camoflage is supposed to be the rarest of the lot, and is in fact extra cool. I hope we can get another, as I kinda dig the idea of using one as a Ghost in my Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat Game.

We also got the Blue Hayabusa armor and the Olive Green Elite with Power Sword. I didn't photo these as I put them away in my stuff and don't want to go pawing through that this early, but you know what those look like, just different colors anyway.

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