Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jormungand Brood Has Arrived!

Well, the third item of my self imposed To Do list is checked, I have begun assembly of my Legion Of Everblight Warpack.Here are my Shredder Lesser Warbeasts -slash- Zerglings. They were a little more difficult to assemble than I had imagined, mostly because I am not used to working with white metal again. Still and all, they came out alright.

What I am most proud of however, is what I did with Lylyth, Herald Of Everblight. She was an "Also in the Box" figure for me, nothing I was really looking forward to. This is what she is supposed to look like...But here is what I did...That's right! Kerrigan baby! I am the first to admit I am a crappy converter, but even so, I am really proud of this model now. I had no idea what I was going to do with her, until I realized there was an uncanny similarity between the tips of her bow and Kerrigan's blade-wings, so with a little patience, creativity, and nail clippers, I turned her into a reasonable facsimile of the Queen of Blades. This left me the problem of what was I now going to use for her hand. Well, a little more patience and nail clipping, and I removed all of the bow pieces from her fist, and made it so she would be pointing her minions into battle.

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