Monday, August 23, 2010

Kerrigan And Jormungand. Now With Prettier Pics!

Well, the quality of the pictures was not very good in the previous iteration of this post, so I figured I would include some shots now that the pieces are more 'finished.' This is going to be my "Army of All Seasons", filling in in Hordes, small point 40k, and, of course, the Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Game.Shredder/Hormagaunt/Zergling from the first batch of two. This was drybrushed, then the horns and plates were painted metallic purple. I was not really happy with how little contrast there was between the dark brown and the purple...So in the second batch of two, after drybrushing, I drybrushed all of the soon to be purple areas with white, then painted with the metallic purple. Much happier with these results.
Kerrigan sends her minions forth!

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