Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Polls are Closed And We Have A Winner!

The Jormungand Brood Poll closed! The next member of my Starcraft II themed miniature army will be Tyranid Raveners as Hydralisks. This is, perhaps, not a surprising outcome considering how iconic the Hydralisk is to the Zerg, and considering how perfect of a fit the Ravener is. Honestly, the only 'converting' I will have to do is to attach less arms. That is something even I can handle.
It was a decisive win for the Hydralisk, with eight of the voters thinking it should be added next. Second place went to Venomthropes as Overlords with four votes. This was a good enough showing for me that I will likely add them next in the not too distant future. In a surprisingly close third place came Termagants as Roaches. These seem like they would need a bunch of conversion to work, so while I might still do it in the future, I am relieved it is not going to be 'next.' In last place came Rippers as Broodlings. Now, these would have been a pretty good fit, I think, so I was surprised by the poor showing of only one vote. Still and all, this was my most successful poll on this site, ever, and I appreciate the input from all of my loyal readers. Thank you all very much!

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