Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sickest Mouse Ever.

Now, with a heading like that, you might think I am bluffing, or exaggerating, or engaging in hyperbole. Nay I tell thee. Behold...Yes. That is a real scorpion encased in the plastic of the mouse casing. Now, some of you may remember back on the 26th of December, I was stung by a bark scorpion and rushed to the hospital. Well, some of my family members (read: mother in law) have as sick a sense of humor as I do, and while she was recently on vacation, she got this for me. It is somewhat difficult for me to suppress a shudder every time I look at this thing.


Anonymous said...
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Papa JJ said...

Ha! Aren't mother in laws great? That thing is pretty sick and would definitely creep me out.

Silar said...

That is such a cool mouse! I want one too.