Monday, August 16, 2010

So...Who Won?

This took a lot longer to get to a battle report up than I am used to, because I still am having a hard time adjusting to how the new computer setup stores my uploads. Whatever, this was my run-through of the Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat game. If you want to download this super simple game, hit up my link below.
My Daughter's Protoss, strangely well represented by Halobloks Elites. The green one is a Zealot Leader, the purple guys are Zealots. I was trying an experimental balancing trick of giving them 30 hp worth of shields to make them more durable, like they are in the game (the first game anyway).
My Sons of Korhal. That's two Marines and a Firebat, I leave it to you to figure out which is which.'Eat Perdition Plasma and Gauss, Protoss Scum!' Holing up and smacking the Zealots with my massed firepower was nearly a gamewinner in one turn. Gotta love them Impaler Gauss Rifles. Just goes to show that Chokepoint defense works in more than just video games.
Unlike her father, Sammi is not stuck in a 2D video game rendition of this battle, and sneaks her Zealot Leader over difficult terrain to stick it to her daddy! Maybe that chokepoint strategy doesn't work so well after all.

That's the last of the salvageable pictures from this game. I think the 30 point shields worked great. Put the 'Toss on an equal footing. It makes them a lot more durable than Terrans, but you have to keep in mind that any terran player worth his Gauss will be hitting you with Impalers from the word go, unless you have a lot of cover. Plus the Protoss cost more, so they should be better than the Terrans, something they were not in the game as written.

In any case, more to come...

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Neuicon said...

LOL!! Oh, I had no clue you had already posted a Battle Report of the game. I'm so glad you're playing, especially with your son and daughter; that brightens my day.

Again, look forward to a greater, better looking edition of this game! :)

Thanks so much for your support!