Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Warhammer 40k Reaper Jump Infantry. Breaking It Down.

Ok, I threw down the proverbial gauntlet on myself yesterday. I decided that a fun and awesome project for myself would be to make Reapers from Starcraft II that I could use in Warhammer 40k. They would be 'counts as' troops, of course. Counts as what? Sisters of Battle Seraphim, of course. At least this part was a no brainer for me. Reapers are cool, but they're not Astartes, they are still people in armor. Like Space Nuns. They carry two pistols and grenades. Seraphim carry twin linked bolt pistols and can (I think...) be equipped with frag and kraks.

But how to do it?

To start, I need a base body.Cadians should suffice here. They look right, are relatively inexpensive, come in a variaty of poses, and have a good mix of armor/heavy duty cloth to match the Reapers.Heads and jump-packs, Chapterhouse has got me covered. I do not know of the compatibility here, so if anyone knows about any glaring problems with mating these parts to Cadians, please let me know, I'd rather find out I am an idiot before I spend the money.Last comes the dual pistols. This proved to be more problematic than I thought it would be. There is a shortage of left handed pistols in this world! The only ones I could find to use would be the assault marine plasmas. The Bitzbox has both left and right in stock! This has the added benefit of even looking somewhat like the actual pistols the Reaper has in the below picture.


So that's it. That post took a lot more research and energy than I thought it would. What does everyone think? Worth it? Not worth it? Good idea? Better ideas? All input is welcome. I am new to kitbashing, and can use any help!

Worst case scenario, I can always use Bitzbox plas arms to turn assault marines into my Reaper/Seraphim counts as. That seems a lot lazier.


Mike said...

Fear the Reaper, Man!

CounterFett said...

You Betcha!

敬周喜 said...
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