Saturday, September 18, 2010

1st Undead Unit Assembled...Ghouls!

Anastazia calls forth the beginnings of her legion...
The ghouls went together pretty easily. Word to the wise, your unit of ten KoW ghouls are going to come two legs, two torsos, and three heads to a sprue, times five sprues. All identical. If you want them to look individual, be ready to do some pretty extensive converting. After working exclusively with GW sprues for my 40k addiction, where all the figs come out pretty much unique, this was a culture shock. I did my best to mix and match the parts, and pose each model a bit differently. Plus, they're ghouls. How different is one bald cannibalistic freak going to look from the next. They will all be painted pretty similarly, so the consistency is hardly going to be an issue, but I mention it because I know that there are people for whom this will be a problem.

Consider yourself warned.

The revenants will be next...

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