Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Army List...Or, What Have I Gotten Myself Into This Time.

Well, I realized that my Undead Army pack from Mantic does not, in fact, have Skeletons, but rather Revenants, which are apparently Mantic's version of Grave Guards. Since I cannot run an army with 10 ghouls and 20 Grave Guard (as fun as that would be), I am going to use the Revenants as 'counts as' Skeletons. Whatever. Now, when I get some of the soon to be released Mantic Zombies, I have my big block of Grave Guards ready to roll. When I say 'some' Zombies, I of course, mean lots. Not only are they a cheap core choice, but you apparently need spares to use for summoning.


This is why I avoid horde armies. What's the WFB equivalent of Space Marines again?


Gyro said...

It's been years in the double digits since I last played any WHFB, but back then mounted chaos knights, led by a mounted general, supported by a greater daemon seemed to just soak up the points.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, that's about what I thought. I am trying to decide if what I currently have invested in the undead is irredeemable, or if I should just use them as plague zombies as originally intended. Well, since my projects are on hiatus for the foreseeable future, I guess I can figure it out at my leisure.