Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Vultures!

No, not that kind!That kind!

On my walk back from work today, I saw a bunch of birds gathered near the edge 0f the road. Being a cautious type, and not fond of large avifauna, I gave them a wide berth, moving further up the lawn. It was a wise move, as the birds turned out to be Turkey Vultures, and as I got closer they spooked and took off. If you've never been that close to a trio of raptors with 6-foot wingspans as they simultaneously take panicked flight, I don't recommend it.

They were gathered around a dead squirrel.

I took this as a good omen. I am quite fond of Turkey Vultures, having once sponsored one at the Santa Barbara Zoo. I got quite used to seeing them when I lived down in Ridgecrest, but have not seen one since moving out of the desert. I didn't even know they would come into the city.

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